The Anthem

by Dozerilla

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Fire like a fever, burning up, so intense, I gotta go picket fence shopping, it won’t be my first offense, so hence
I enimate like expensive incense, flash some of my steez on you, sooner or later, you’ll be drowning in bitches
This shit is the soundtrack to a sus gathering at best, smoke hovers the ceiling while I fix my denim vest
Flick the lighter to the beat of this song, B, Naztee, I guess you could say you’re looking really flashy, getting cashy, fucking thrashy, and after I turn down, your girl I’mma smashy, but you gotta admit something, I’m so fucking dashing, them blunts I be hashing, the high you get from listening to this verse is very lasting, sus crew don’t need new casting, we keep our circle smaller than your balls, dreams bluer than your balls, if a sus nigga dies, we gon get the dragonballs, united all in all, from the winter til the fall, I solemnly promise to be S U S ’til I fall…

Contraband in my leather jacket pocket, if I was to get caught red-handed, I’ll just have to rock it, sprint off as fast as a rocket, but if you fools lay a finger on me, I’ll have to sock you, just say fuck it, I’m done with your bullshit, stay the fuck out out my way, I party on a Monday, thinking it’s Friday, grab some ice cubes for a drink, lemonade so fucking pink, get that shwag out of my face, I don’t fuck with your weak
Got a third eye sharper than your scream, if you don’t fuck with me, I consider you a fiend, indeed, you can act all tough and extreme, but you’ll think twice if you decide to fuck with my team
Nigga please, drop down to your knees, watch me grind some cheese, I flex harder than Coach Z, everyone be pray for me, Iggy C, anomaly, Dozerilla the killa, but just face the fact that you’ll never amount to the greatness that is me...



released December 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Dozerilla Salt Lake City, Utah

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