Sus Fam Multiply

by Dozerilla

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I had a lot of fun with this one... haha


Welcome to the freak show, allow me to introduce myself
I’m the conductor and tour guide of your personal hell
Watch me pop the eyes out of your sockets, hang you up by the nerves, nigga, I mean, holy shit, you’ve mustve had some fucking nerve, the audacity to talk mad shit, it’s fascinating how you live your life a fucking bullshit lie
Fuck your broad raw, occupy that uterus, that fetus be chilling in there, carving the word SUS
Post-coitus, the three of us then would proceed to trip off some robotuss, in and out of reality, wouldn’t be too much of a fuss, so do yourself as massive as ass favor, walk in the middle of a road and get pummeled and maimed by an incoming bus

Hook: Only sus family allowed to carry on
All the other fuckboys need to go with the checked baggage, can’t be in the carry on
Partying hard right until the very dawn
Your bitch is giving me fire head while I play Pokemon

Nagging your soul off, seeming like a feeble bitch
Next thing you know, I kiss your pupil with a needle bitch
Because cross my heart, hope to die, stick a motherfucking needle in your fucking eye
I can clearly tell firsthand your soul is rotting, but let me know you need help beforehand, nigga, I don’t do walk-ins
Walking around, thinking you’re chill, pop and lockin, when your crusty ass be looking like Christopher Walken

Keep your door locked, one eye open at all times, so you can see me when I break in to your house and proceed to rape your mind
I’m in your nightmares at all times, all you can do is just lie down and cry, wishing you could surely die, screaming WHYYYYY



released April 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Dozerilla Salt Lake City, Utah

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