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You got some left of center motherfuckers ridin through the lake, light up then we bake, run up on you, sock you in the face
Got a subie and some lucy, so I dare you to catch my fade
Take your sister on a date, and get my hands up on that cake
Just another outcast in the city of salt, you’ll be struggling but I won’t have any pity at all
Just a middle finger rising, how the hell is this surprising?
You’re a dead man, bitch, got you dying off the ricin
And you’re thinking that you’re good, but you’re really not sufficing
It’s a sad reality, your bullshit heavy like bison
Slicing and dicing through the snow like icemen
Squid Squad: the crew that your fans find so enticing
Been through a lot of caca, got a bruh heated like a sauna, these days, these goons, be talking bout nonsense like yada yada, I know they’re thinking they’re the shit, but they actually getting nada, so bitch meet us in the pit, cause we plan to fucking slaughter ya

You messed with the wrong ass dudes, now in a grave you laaaaaayyy
Your life does not have any meaning, but that’s okayyyyy

Copped a gram of the fire, sniff it up the shnozz, now all is fucking well
Little bitch ass, walking up, like YOU want a couple lines of the white , FUCK YOU BRUH
Laughing for days, wanting forgiveness, but I really can’t relate
But you know what say, haters gonna hate, I just know that once you gone, that I’m still here to stay

But enough of the shit, I got a problem with you fuckers, yeah, you’re not with the shit
Yuppy bitches with the Phil and Lil cut on they head
Xannied up so it’s like you got a brain full of lead
Lose your guard, and you’ll end up with some stains on your chest
Blood red, washed down from the rain on the set
Salt Lake, gonna learn, bout what they can expect
With the blade, yeah you gonna pay, you ain’t the best



from OCHO CERO UNO, released April 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Dozerilla Salt Lake City, Utah

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