Hater Swerve

by Dozerilla

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When a loved one is no here to be found...


Don’t you hater swerve me
You’re gonna get fucked up if you hurt me
Letting your phone ring on the daily
Because you always hater swerve me

I wake up, blaze up, get dressed and lace up, today gon’ be a good day, a great day, so I better keep my face up
I take a stroll up the road, 13th east, the wind blows, it’s a warmer morning than usual, so I roll down that window
High off that antidote, forgot what I was mad at though, something was bothering me only just the day before
I remember, I called you but you refused to answer, I had to leave you a message, a humble voice letter, you better get it together, call me today, it’s like you want to isolate yourself, stay so far away

But where the fuck were you, when I needed you the most?
Did you vanish, did you die, are you now just a lonely ghost?

Riding with my squad, but we missing one, picking locks, pissing off, dissing fucks, all they love is kissing cock
We need ya boy, arriving to the scene of the turnup, drink and smoke so much, your face gon be the color of a turnip

One day we’ll run the world, run these fools off the throne, bruh
Feeling so mellow cause we all stoned to the bone, bruh
Kick they knees, and sock them right on the fucking dome, bruh
But you seriously need to answer your damn phone, bruh

Back to my steez, now a homie just sitting in the kitchen eating some a toast with that cheese
My nephew asking for the rest, and I’m just like “HOMIE PLEASE”
Just tryna chill and unwind, waiting for my dog to call back
If he ain’t calling cuz he dead, I’mma prolly black out and have a panic attack


released February 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Dozerilla Salt Lake City, Utah

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