Get Dicked

from by Dozerilla

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et dicked, bitch
Sick of all your shit
Watch me pull the switch
Put you in a ditch
Squad Squad, we bustling and husting, tryna get rich
Fraud motherfucker, better get running, you better just dip

Grasping for a hand, while you sinking in quicksand, you gonna be hammed, you gonna be canned
You can’t even stand, the xanax is strong, you leaning, my man, you fiending for yet another bottle, better set it down, then hit the throttle
Better count your blessings, you’re in trouble
Look at yourself, you’re feeling like hell, the oxys wore off, the coke is all gone, the acid is bunk, you head’s in a funk, but

Wouldn’t take just a small scratch for my family, tell all these losers to battle me,
All of these bruisers, they wanna be mad at me, not gonna be a damn casuality, and actually, I refuse to give a fuck, get these motherfuckers faded as fuck, riding on the back of a pick-up truck, fuck as sus, and now you gotta deal with us

Dealing with my team, taking over this scene, working on the craft, gonna build this dream
We’re picking up, kicking up, clicking up
Spilt a little liquor, got your bitch ass to lick it up
Get out of here with your bullshit, you’re not legit, your full of shit
You thinking it’s you, and you’re looking so pissed, probably not, but if the shoe fits

You better get running, killing you fuckers, we’re so fucking stunning
Walking up, why you acting so chummy?
I’m not your friend, bitch, stop all your fronting
Get in line, if you wanna fight
Step back if you don’t wanna die
Cuz you are not messing with any old kids, you better pack better if you’re really the shit
You can find me in the Pie Hole, cholula soaked slices, chilling with a fine ho
You don’t even need to lie bro, trine get at me, but ya boi likes to lay low
Miss me with that motherfucking heyo, you’re the king? I mean, if you say so. But you’ll be dethroned, grab your neck and hit you with the K O

The type of homie that’ll get high, feed the whole clan, stuffed up the whole night
Lil Nachee got his mind right, all of this time is just so finite, if you wanna kick it tonight, you gonna have to find the right time, I’m too busy, getting a little dizzy, building an empire up to the sky
I’m such an enigma, these other rappers just can’t understand
Squid Squad be banging the hardest of all, when you done sleeping, jus gimme a call
Underground so you know we causing an earthquake, shaking the city, these bitches be hurting
Talking some shit so you boutta get hit
About to take over, so fool just get dicked


from OCHO CERO UNO, released April 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Dozerilla Salt Lake City, Utah

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