by Dozerilla

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Iggy C, anomaly, lemme see your energy
God of these dank melodies, giving you good remedy
Transfer in deep clarity, must be all that LSD
The day you end up in the ground is the day that you’ll learn not to fuck with me

You guessed it,I’m representing SUS
Me and my fam speeding a hundred with a stolen bus
SLC is where we dwell, but living with these tightasses running this place is hell, I’d rather rot away in a dark prison cell

FUCK the type of person who think just cause a dude from another part of the sphere, that hes an extraterrestial, an outsider, that he doesn’t even belong here

You ignorant cunt, we’re both from the same planet, so rewind, stop setting up borders not only on Earth, but stop that shit in your closed mind

My mind is a planetarium, if I ever stooped down to your level, I would’ve already have taken a MAC-10 to your cranium

I guess if I’m schizophrenic and muttering to myself, im insane, but if you’re in church with your friends praying to a man in the sky, you’re ok?

Now, stand back and watch me demolish oblivion
Keeping it real like my main homie Maxxamillion
Ignatius is the greatest, his fate is glazed in donut glaze, next thing you know, this fool is gone in a blaze, off of purple haze

Straight out of Millcreek, our steez will always be on fleek, as for you, you got nothing on us, you damn reek, but thats just one mans critique, awk
If you live to satisfy others, why bother existing, you’re better off resisting
The temptation to be like the rest of these bandits,
These be the same kids who think you’re a faggot
But Fuck them, they don’t matter, just chop their heads and serve them on a platter
Hang their innards like they’re trophies, laugh as they weep and die very slowly
Memory like a photo, especially if the world start moving slo-mo, must be all that bomb robo, this tussin making me hella sussin, it ain’t easier to deal with it with all your fussin

And im killing bitches like im Russian


released December 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Dozerilla Salt Lake City, Utah

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