by Dozerilla

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released April 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Dozerilla Salt Lake City, Utah

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For any inquiries (beats, collaborations,etc.), email me at: theiggydozer@gmail.com

SQuid SQuad

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Track Name: Broken
Scowling about the night, and I’m looking out of sight
Gonna slay you after dark, only when the time is right
Red eyes from the green, got my team up in this scene
Now I’m hungry for a snack, and your heart is what I need
Fuck a fork and fuck a knife, I dig my hands between your thighs and then I proceed to work my way, to your brain and to your eyes
Now your bones are all that stay after I have had my way
Leave your skeleton in the woods, for many centuries, you decay
Squid Squad in the house, when we walking through the town, eat you up and chow down
Miss me with that bullshit about a comb back, better go back, to your fucking home, man, before I eat your soul, man
I got some demons in my head, and their banging on my skull
My conscience so fucking angry, charging at me like a bull

This one’s for the people who stay up
Somber thoughts inside their head, gotta blaze up
To calm the spirits that still hang around from day one
Feeling broken from the start, you gotta lace up
Track Name: S.M.T.S
You got some left of center motherfuckers ridin through the lake, light up then we bake, run up on you, sock you in the face
Got a subie and some lucy, so I dare you to catch my fade
Take your sister on a date, and get my hands up on that cake
Just another outcast in the city of salt, you’ll be struggling but I won’t have any pity at all
Just a middle finger rising, how the hell is this surprising?
You’re a dead man, bitch, got you dying off the ricin
And you’re thinking that you’re good, but you’re really not sufficing
It’s a sad reality, your bullshit heavy like bison
Slicing and dicing through the snow like icemen
Squid Squad: the crew that your fans find so enticing
Been through a lot of caca, got a bruh heated like a sauna, these days, these goons, be talking bout nonsense like yada yada, I know they’re thinking they’re the shit, but they actually getting nada, so bitch meet us in the pit, cause we plan to fucking slaughter ya

You messed with the wrong ass dudes, now in a grave you laaaaaayyy
Your life does not have any meaning, but that’s okayyyyy

Copped a gram of the fire, sniff it up the shnozz, now all is fucking well
Little bitch ass, walking up, like YOU want a couple lines of the white , FUCK YOU BRUH
Laughing for days, wanting forgiveness, but I really can’t relate
But you know what say, haters gonna hate, I just know that once you gone, that I’m still here to stay

But enough of the shit, I got a problem with you fuckers, yeah, you’re not with the shit
Yuppy bitches with the Phil and Lil cut on they head
Xannied up so it’s like you got a brain full of lead
Lose your guard, and you’ll end up with some stains on your chest
Blood red, washed down from the rain on the set
Salt Lake, gonna learn, bout what they can expect
With the blade, yeah you gonna pay, you ain’t the best

Track Name: What's The Sitch???
Iggs in this bitch, so tell me, what’s the sitch
Got a plate with the llello, take a sniff of da dish
you gotta hate on my peso, gotta shade on the niche
you think you’re fly cuz you say so, you’re not really the shit
I gotta lot of better shit to do than try to hit licks
Hit your bitch with a heyo, now she’s sucking my dick
Got her eating all the mayo, gotta give her a bib
Throw a party at the cribbo, and it’s gonna be lit

This one for all my squids in the SLC
Will I blackout tonight, well I guess I’ll see
Unh! A little bit of some good whisky and weed
Will put you in the fucking turnup, that you’re trying to achieve
To time to slow down, no time to sleep
Get the grind on, get the credit that we trying to reap
No more room for you fucks, you’re not part of my team
Get our game on, and you know we’re going in deep

This for the suspects in the city, keep my prospects in check, no room for nonsense, we stay gritty til the day that we dead
When we come around the bend, fill these fuckers with dread
Line up the oafs, cut em’ like loaf, slice em’ up like bread
Take a cup of the liquor, sip the premium blend
Lick the coke off the laptop, your homie feeling like death
Eyes rolling back in my cranium, all I’m seeing is red
As I fall on the linoleum, nothing needs to be said

And then I wake up from my coma, head cracked from the throat up, stand back ‘fore I throw up
Scurry on out of here before the police show up
Grab my Mac and snort the last of this blow up
Coca, ice white chilly, like you hopped up off the soda
You’re dealing with the fake shit, you bitches be so dumb
Run your finger on the surface, rub it on the whole gum
Now you feeling physically and mentally so numb,
Track Name: Get Dicked
et dicked, bitch
Sick of all your shit
Watch me pull the switch
Put you in a ditch
Squad Squad, we bustling and husting, tryna get rich
Fraud motherfucker, better get running, you better just dip

Grasping for a hand, while you sinking in quicksand, you gonna be hammed, you gonna be canned
You can’t even stand, the xanax is strong, you leaning, my man, you fiending for yet another bottle, better set it down, then hit the throttle
Better count your blessings, you’re in trouble
Look at yourself, you’re feeling like hell, the oxys wore off, the coke is all gone, the acid is bunk, you head’s in a funk, but

Wouldn’t take just a small scratch for my family, tell all these losers to battle me,
All of these bruisers, they wanna be mad at me, not gonna be a damn casuality, and actually, I refuse to give a fuck, get these motherfuckers faded as fuck, riding on the back of a pick-up truck, fuck as sus, and now you gotta deal with us

Dealing with my team, taking over this scene, working on the craft, gonna build this dream
We’re picking up, kicking up, clicking up
Spilt a little liquor, got your bitch ass to lick it up
Get out of here with your bullshit, you’re not legit, your full of shit
You thinking it’s you, and you’re looking so pissed, probably not, but if the shoe fits

You better get running, killing you fuckers, we’re so fucking stunning
Walking up, why you acting so chummy?
I’m not your friend, bitch, stop all your fronting
Get in line, if you wanna fight
Step back if you don’t wanna die
Cuz you are not messing with any old kids, you better pack better if you’re really the shit
You can find me in the Pie Hole, cholula soaked slices, chilling with a fine ho
You don’t even need to lie bro, trine get at me, but ya boi likes to lay low
Miss me with that motherfucking heyo, you’re the king? I mean, if you say so. But you’ll be dethroned, grab your neck and hit you with the K O

The type of homie that’ll get high, feed the whole clan, stuffed up the whole night
Lil Nachee got his mind right, all of this time is just so finite, if you wanna kick it tonight, you gonna have to find the right time, I’m too busy, getting a little dizzy, building an empire up to the sky
I’m such an enigma, these other rappers just can’t understand
Squid Squad be banging the hardest of all, when you done sleeping, jus gimme a call
Underground so you know we causing an earthquake, shaking the city, these bitches be hurting
Talking some shit so you boutta get hit
About to take over, so fool just get dicked
Track Name: Your Time Is Up (Sonder)
Sus as fuck, bitch
Your time is up and you’re so out of luck, bitch
You can’t keep up, we always keeping it lit
Rolling up some bats, so you better batter up, bitch
Gather up your shit, cuz we so

Sometimes I feel like I’m really fucked
Lot on my mind, and I’m on the run
Pick up the pieces, decay from diseases, pray to me like Jesus, you can drink the blood
Squids in the house, and we’re sus as fuck
Your posse is just so retarded bruh
You just can’t keep up, you’re stuck in a rut, you wanna talk shit, well, then you’re cut
Listen up, back with another masterpiece, you bitches high off my beat, effects of that LSD, you trippin
Laughing at you while I’m soarin up, drinking on
Whiskey and soda, I’m pouring up, I’m sorry I
Just cannot help that I’m fine as fuck
And to all of my foes, your time is up

Squids swimming in success, got all these fools in suspense, you know 801 be the set, so you know that we gonna flex, I’m reppingr this salty ass lake, til the day that I’m dead, middle fingers coming to ya from the city that never rests
These fake, fronting, fucks really think they’re the best? (yeah man)
These fucking phony fools really need to be laid to rest
They’ll try to shove you down, but no need to stress
Got a mantra in my head, bitch, S U S, if you haven’ t guessed it yet
Track Name: Charade
This charade has gone too long, and now I think I’m in the wrong, have to end it with you next time I see you, spend time fucking in your room, then I’ll leave You can’t keep this up, my city needs me, even if they all just try to decieve me
Have to move on, I just gotta run, it’s hurting me more than helping me if I try to stay with you, girl

I feel like my story isn’t on the same path as it was before
Now I’m so worried for now I have to fix the problems that I have created, for then, I can finally soar
But all of my life, I’ve been suffering, feeling the pain in my bones
In the end, I’ll be cast in the fire alone…

Bitch, I wanna feel whole again, just wanna stitch and patch this hole within, take my friends and I to the top, and never stop, just accerelating, and decimating all these thots
You never would’ve guessed that I would try to make something out of myself
And to all the people who ever doubted me, I’ll make them eat their words, you can go fuck yourself
You can’t trust anybody but yourself, give them your heart, they’ll lock it in a cell
Show them your weakness, they’ll make you feel sleepless, that’s why most fools bottle in their deep shit
There’s been some times where I felt like dying
In front of the world, I’m clearly smiling
But inside my head, I’m really crying
It’s been a long battle, but bitch I’m still fighting…
Track Name: Ocho Cero Uno (Outro)
What the fuck are yall saying? My congregation got you prayin
Like we walking 100 feet tall, put a bullet hole through Satan
Put another hit of weed in my system, getting high in the kitchen
Jason got the goods to keep you fucked up for the evening
Now hold up, you trying to get away with fucking with the Sus Crew? Bitch, we don’t trust you, leave you in the dust foo, end your life forever, got your bitch busting my nut too!

Oh shit! Back with that immaculate sound, you motherfuckers opposing us fearing for your life so hard, you’ll soiled your gowns
You better getting running with your feet, stop running your mouth, we the most sus motherfuckers in this town, no doubt
If you hating the Squad Squad, you cannot be saved
Kill you in a cemetary, bitch, I’mma dig you a grave
If you tryna talk shit on the Safari Boys, you better run for the hills, I’m on a safari boy, and I’m going for the kill
You copping up nil, I’m keeping it lit from day 1, hey son, can you really say the same huh?
I guess we wierd fucks really here, punk, never fear, cuz we building up our fortress, getting better by the year, huh?
You gone off of one beer, huh? Path is just unclear huh? Been there couple times before, love to reminiesce, bruh!
You don’t have to kiss up to me, I know i’m fucking great ho
Why the fuck you think I got this word up on my ankle??

What the fuck are yall saying? My congregation got you prayin
Like we walking 100 feet tall, put a bullet hole through Satan
Put another hit of weed in my system, getting high in the kitchen
Jason got the goods to keep you fucked up for the evening
Now hold up, you trying to get away with fucking with the Sus Crew? Bitch, we don’t trust you, leave you in the dust foo, end your life forever, got your bitch busting my nut too!

Got all the Millcreek homies in this bitch, and I
Got all the South Salt Lake kids on the shit
I don’t fuck with the snobs or religion-sick kids
The stead be from a little of it of Murray to the Canyon Rim…

I don’t wanna threaten, don’t worry, I got no Glock, but when I;m dine with you, you’ll be making a trip to Suicide Rock
The root of your problems is that you’ll come with no knock, but when the lake a little shaky, you’ll be shoved off the dock
These bitches just wanna cause problems, no other function than just to love drama, all you do is completely spit caca, i spit ammo, alpaca the llama, so pack up your bags, you’re gonna be slaughtered, Us Loud Boys some damn marauders, give the squad and I a holler
Tie you to a cinderblock, and throw you in the water

From the ocho zero uno, never snoozing, mste
Break you in half, cause we know we bruising, mate
Your tummy growling cause you know you’re always losing, mate